She is really pretty and sweet, but can also be really hot. Jas a contagious laugh. Usually slim thick and good in bed. Every guy thinks about her,but knows he cant have her. Watch your back cause she fierce af, dont fuck with her shell snatch your man in the blink of an eye. book smart and street smart. Can get along with any one, social butterfly. The bestfriend/girlfriend you'll ever have. She puts others happiness before hers and really cares about others well being. Can't be replaced.
Who u thinkin bout?


U betta stop now she way outta your legue!
by Fboy345 October 15, 2017
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(Henna) is the most pengest and kindest best friend anyone can ask for. She’s always there whenever you need her and she’ll always have your back. She’s my best friend so back off
by Purple blossom January 13, 2019
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A hot, caring, genuine, stunning, loveable lady! A lady that puts others happiness before herself. She is every mans dream woman and she's the definition of a true woman. She loves to see others happy before herself . If you have a henna wife her up bro!
Man: my wife's name is henna

Other man: she must be perfect
by Truthbetold5551 April 7, 2014
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The most beautiful, humorous, and outgoing girl you’ll ever meet. Henna is very mysterious and hard to get. She is one with many talents, and you’ll never find another girl like her. If you have a Henna, you are very lucky.
OMG who is that girl?! 😍”
“That’s Henna
by nikobeel.hadid September 26, 2018
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Beautiful, lovely, cares for others, really nice, down to earth. An amazing individual. Mendhi
Your so Henna.

Yur hennas really nice
by iilovebee April 19, 2010
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An Indian who gets half of the Asian American population. She likes to hug people, except for her siblings(if she has any). She is hard worker and can sometimes be big brain. She likes to laugh and thinks she is funny
Asian 1: Im gonna ask Henna to homecoming
Asian 2: NO I AM!
by kjlkjhjh,hj,hjhggh January 7, 2020
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Kool, awesome, along those lines
'WOW that's so henna'
'OMG how henna'
by Buzz789 May 10, 2009
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