The stuff used to make henna. You know, right before the mhandi oil comes in? Yeah, well, it's green. and it smells nasty. not like crap nasty but like gasoline (which only seems good at first) nasty, and it makes me SICK to even think of the stuff.
Aww, man, this stupid henna paste on my arm is making it really hard to eat my egg salad.
by kitsune February 18, 2005
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The sexual act of one partner inserting the big toe or thumb into the anus of a consenting partner and then placing the fecal matter released during insertion onto the forehead of the inserted partner. This will create an imprint resembling henna tattoo(s).
"She like my thumb up there, but I REALLY made her hot when I gave here a Dirty Henna Tattoo!"
by Breadbowl May 26, 2009
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real life hater fr always hating and don’t stop also has bad music taste
why you bein a henna rn you an L mans
by notjason123321 April 21, 2022
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henna socialised when she thought it was right but didn't when she thought others would be affected by it, that's why people are difficult to socialise or hang out with her (she will when it's the best)
by henz (mennis) February 16, 2022
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Girl that is was to horny, like what the fuck she's so horny
As soon as I walked in I know she was a Dirty Henna
by Dankshow April 27, 2020
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A type of lesbian sex in which one girl simultaneously shits on their chest
Bitch why were you hennaing me
by Samuellemanuel February 24, 2023
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