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A 2 pint glass available in only the very finest of drinking establishments. The very best vessel from which one can consume their alcoholic beverage.

Named for the great man, Thor himself, as the only person big enough to make the glass looked normal sized.
"God, after the day I've had at work I definitely need a Hemsworth!"

"Mate, I got absolutely rekt last night - I was on the Hemmies"
by Titan Tim May 30, 2015
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The original Hemsworth was a radio and TV host who habitually bulllied, lied, threatned and obviscated in order to promote his own carrer and hide the truth of his previous actions.

Now a "Hemsworth" is an indervidual or group or inderviduals who habitually lie, decieve, manipulate and bully others in order to hide their own failings.
Commonly used to denote a knee jerk reaction to a differance of opinion, the hemsworth will attempt to threaten or forcefully persuade a retraction from his detractors. This can take the form of threats, verbal abuse, fake leagal letters, physical threats and in the worst cases actual assault.
Stay clear of him, he's a real Hemsworth.
Thats about as likely as a hemsworth telling the truth.
Stop acting like a hemsworth, people can see through your feeeble atempt to hide your guilt.
All I said was that I didn't agree with him, then he fucking Hemsworthed me!
by David Ryde November 04, 2009
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