1. A situation that can arise from improper handling of the element intelligent Calcium (I-Calcium). I suggest you consult the Health and Safety Executive for guidelines. Originating from the series Look Around You blants.

2. Helvetica is a font also known as Arial. There is some confunkledness over the name and origination of this font resulting in an Helvetica Scenario.
The German physicist Wilhelm Thomason dedicated to his life to research of the Helvetica Scenario.
(Thanks, House of Steel, theel)
by Moogyboobles May 14, 2005
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Derived from an experiment (carried out in Switzerland, aka Helvetica) where the nucleus of a calcium molecule in skin was removed, leaving a temporarily stable electron/proton shell, causing a mutation that made the skin grow over all the openings in the skin. The helvetica scenario is a nightmare scenario that occurrs when this technique of removing the calcium nucleus- called quantum superpositioning- is used irresponsibly to harm people.
Political advisors feared that the country would resort to biological weapons, causing something like the helvetica scenario to happen.
by m3770r November 29, 2012
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The Helvetica Scenario is when the queen leaves the nest, or the center of calcium. this can happen when making industrial calcium. Noone really knows where the makers of Look Around You came up with this idea but it is thought that it could possibly be an inside joke(possibly to the entire country) that the U.S. is left out of. When helvetica happens you do not want to be anywhere near that area. your face will melt off which is pretty bad.
It is not only limited to calcium however, it can also happen with i-calcium atomic weight 42.
this is the only way to express it.
The Helvetica Scenario
by gdug27 February 23, 2009
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