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1. A situation that can arise from improper handling of the element intelligent Calcium (I-Calcium). I suggest you consult the Health and Safety Executive for guidelines. Originating from the series Look Around You blants.

2. Helvetica is a font also known as Arial. There is some confunkledness over the name and origination of this font resulting in an Helvetica Scenario.
The German physicist Wilhelm Thomason dedicated to his life to research of the Helvetica Scenario.
(Thanks, House of Steel, theel)
by Moogyboobles May 14, 2005

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Breasts; as described in the episode of The Mighty Boosh entitled "The Priest and the Beast".
Put away those fiery biscuits.
by moogyboobles October 16, 2005

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Chaotic or muddled brain thoughts or status. A combination of kerfuffle and confused.
The latest episode of Tlentifini Maarhaysu left it's audience confunkled.
by Moogyboobles May 14, 2005

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To be suffering from pmt.
I'm feeling pmpty this week.
by moogyboobles July 08, 2005

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