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a German surname which derives from the words( helmet protection) and ( mout spirit mind)

helmuths are strong-minded individuals who are hard to break

if the editors are just going to reject this then you guys are absolute morons you guys don't even bother trying to read the submissions even though they are correct yet they just like being dicks
person 1 helmuths are strong-minded and keep to themselves

person 2 no wonder they are so quiet
by manic panic 2 June 10, 2018
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a German surname that is variant from the name hellmut also other variants such as helmuth, and hellmuth which deprives from the Germanic elements helm meaning helmut- protection and mout spirit - mind helmuths are strong individuals
helmuths dont let people get to them their strong minded people
by manic panic 2 May 30, 2018
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"Hey you know that guy at McMahon?"
"Which one?"
"Ugly face, big dick?"
"Oh you mean Helmuth, that's my guy!"

"That guy has to be a helmuth. Have you seen his cock?!

No his face burns my eyes so much I never get the chance."
by 0987xxvashdiem February 08, 2014
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