A phrase muttered to a bold one. In a perfect world, the receiver of the phrase would reply, ¨General Kenobi
Hello there
General Kenobi, you are a bold one.
by YungTurkey December 13, 2018
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This word easily describes the prequel fandom and is the famous words that obi wan kenobi (also known as space jesus) said when meeting general grievous on utapal and when he meets R2 in the new hope. One could say it is a religon
Obi wan: Hello there
General Grievous: General Kenobi you are a bold one.
by Kylodom42 April 18, 2020
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A salute followed by a negation, which implies that the one saluting isn't willing to talk or do anything.
*Man coming from work, saluting his wife* : - Hello, no. ( he walks to bed)
by stefice July 29, 2010
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The one word that makes people sing Adele whenever it is mentioned (usually as a greeting), much to the chagrin of the one who originally said it.
A: Hello!
B: It's me! I was wondering if after all these--
A: *flips table*
by Mathtician December 21, 2017
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The only word on this site that has nothing to do with sex or drugs!
person 1: hello
Person 2: hi
Person 1: goodbye
Person 2: Farewell, and may the forces of evil become confused in their eternal search for you
*person 1 runs away*
by pirates rule!!! February 22, 2007
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