Jaynae Hella Gay.
Jaynae Hella Gay.
by jaynaehellagay October 11, 2023
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Super happy. Uber gay. As in, a celebration of hip hop/hipster/hippy queer-straight-and-everything-in between dance event occurring in Oakland once a month.
by gofifigo September 2, 2009
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@DontCryforCryda on twitter is hella gay
by DontCryforCryda November 25, 2022
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Originally from Oakland, California, but grew and has been labeled by both locals & outsiders as a Bay Area slang term:


Extremely, Largely or Plentiful

adverb & verb:

A person performing an extremely unpopular or unfavored act.

Description of a bad, un-welcomed or uncomfortable situation.

Slang definition of a negative pun

Highly criticizing one's actions

Humorous compliment of a funny and/or unusual act
"Dude, those nut-huggers you call pants are hella gay."

"Cause you didn't lend me 5 bucks, you're mom's Hella Gay!"

"If you don't lend me World of Warcraft, then your mom's like Hella Gay!"
by jay.boy.deez.nutz, MoFo ! ! ! January 28, 2012
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Someone who is straight, but lacks in being cool in every way possible.
by Icey Yoe May 18, 2015
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Slang term

Hella is most frequently used on the west coast of the United States.

Hella, essentially a combination of "hell of," is used most frequently as shorthand for "a large amount," or "to an extreme degree.

When combined with "gay," (naturally the american slang version of "gay") it is generally used to convey one of four meanings and is largely context dependent.
1: Express extreme displeasure. Usually in reference to a person, object, or event.

Upon performing poorly in a class: "My _____ professor is hella gay."

2: Convey the degree to which someone is homosexual

Upon hearing your professor remark about their homosexual relationship: "My _____ professor is hella gay."

3: Convey that something was very adorable, or sweet/thoughtful:

In reference to a small puppy, frolicking happily through a field of flowers: "Aww, that puppy is hella gay."

Upon reading a welcome love letter: "Oh my god (insert name) this letter is hella gay."
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a very un-p.c. way of saying "that sucks". also a much cooler and funnier way of saying it.
did you see ryan's hair when he put that gel in it? it was hella gay, yo!
by pooter-face snatch-queen May 30, 2003
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