A horrible place of darkness and misery. Frequently mentioned by former AC/DC lead singer Bonn Scott. Generally equated with extreme heat or pain. Classically described as being populated by tormented sinners and filled with fire and brimstone. Biblically described as a place designed by God for the unrepentant who rejected Christ. Most people use the word casually or in a context that implies that it is a real place.
Mark: What the Hell is going on in here!
Mickey: I stepped on a nail and it hurts like Hell.
Mark: It's as hot as Hell in here.
Mickey: You look like Hell.
Mark: Your funny as Hell.
Mickey: How about some AC/DC to help my pain.
Mark: Go to Hell.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 12, 2005
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anything within 50 feet of a wal mart
i got lost and was forced to pull into the wal mart parking lot. i accidentally got too close to the doors though and i swear i almost didnt come back cuz of the satanic forces at work there...... it was hell on earth
by a unicorn August 27, 2010
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If it exits, its where Fred Phelps and his supporters are spending eternity.l
Anyone who has a website that shows the number of days some poor murdered young man has been in hell, is obviously full of shit and truly evil, and if there is a hell he's going.
by Cam July 03, 2004
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The Department of Motor Vehicles. A place where you stand in line for 4-5 hours, in mid-summer, in a building with no air conditioning, only to be told by one of Satan's imps that you lack 1 one of the 5 forms of identification needed to exchange your Minnesota drivers licence for a Utah one.

Contrary to popular belief, DMV employees are not human.They are vampires who feed on pure human misery,circular logic, and pointless bureaucracy.
During a visit to the nineth circle of Hell, also known as the DMV, I was unsuprised to see the grown man in front of me collapse and burst into tears. I was even less suprised when the employees the began to laugh like jackals.
by Mr. Random Person May 23, 2010
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the reason so many people believe in GOD
Oh no I'm going to hell, I better start going to church, and giving the church half my pay, If I dont I'll go to hell!
by alexra December 05, 2007
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Seriously, with over thousands of ways to die and suffer on Earth you shouldn't be surprised. At least in Hell you know you're dead so you can be as carefree as you want.
by Changler245 June 22, 2011
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