"Middle School and High School are Hell. This hell is different for each person, of course, the length of time spent within is variable. Some emerge victorious, blossoming in college and beyond. Others emerge after a struggle, but are noticeably scarred. Others don't emerge at all, and carry their private hell with them to eternity.

Anyone who remembers these years as a positive, idyllic time is someone I cannot for the life of me relate to." --David E. Mitchell
by Killing Kittens October 03, 2005
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A channel used on some IRC networks set up as a "trap" for Spambots. Once a user joins this channel, they will be automatically banned from the network.

Some networks use this channel to send annoying or troublesome users to - as this will also result in them being banned from the network.
* Now talking in #hell

Topic is "Welcome to #hell SPAMBOT"

*** K-Lined for 3 hours: #3221: Thank you for flying #hell express!
* Disconnected
by StarCodeKei March 26, 2007
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The next level above Hell No. This solidifies that you disagree with the question asked you, by adding extra negativity to your answer, before slamming them with the original "hell no" after the answer.
"Hey man can you take out the trash?"

"No Hell No! I did it last time, do it yourself."
by trhytjr67jthk July 18, 2009
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As hell: a phrase used to emphasize the extremeness of an adjective, usually added at the end of the sentence, after said adjective.
Por ejemplo:

Its cold as hell outside!

That kid is dumb as hell!

Ooo, that guy is hot as hell!

She is smart as hell!

As you can see, it never really makes sense. Really, is hell cold, dumb, or smart?
by Crop Duster 747 December 08, 2008
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Hells no is worse then "Hell no." Hence the "s" after Hell.. which implies that that it is multiple Hells making it worse then only a single Hell.
Bro - Go to the Kenny Chesney concert with me
Me - Hells no. Kenny Chesney is a fag.
by SirLeche May 02, 2005
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To completely give up or put off
I was going to ask irhpctas out, but the hell with it!
by Berticus November 05, 2003
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