Athletic, sexy, popular, nice, funny, handsome. Any girl would go crazy over him. He can melt anyones heart!
Girl 1: I have a crush on Hektor
Girl 2: Omg me too!
by ThatOneGuy1985 May 12, 2018
A guy who is very quiet, but underneath is basically Satan
Hektor killed three people today
by Ineedsleep December 4, 2017
1)A 13 year old who masturbates 10 times a day and posts 100 times in csflicks movie comments about hack movies.
2)Someone who has no knowledge or common sense, and is not willing to gain knowledge or common sense
"Hektor: OmG h3 IS H@cKInG yoo FUcKinG NOOBS!"
by mark December 3, 2004
Hektor is a slavic guy that is a very very good friend. He like a lot playng and joking around with everyone. He is intelligent and he is strong; Every girl want him and he like a lot to go out with friends. Hektor is also a quiet guy, but when he is angry, you must be carefull, because he can hurt you a lot; Hektor has feelings that are easy to hurt, because everyone knows what are the weak points. Keep your Hektor tight because he can help you. Hektor is a good guy, remember!
Hektor is the best friend that i have.
by killer7652 September 13, 2018
I hate this new kid
Ikr he's such a hektor
by Fist my ass March 11, 2020