Super cute and adorable guy from Gemahlin impact. Also the one punch man in Gemahlin impact like he can one shot everything at level 1 with no talent level up and artifacts
He is the skrunkly basically
Person1: Hey, Who is this red hair cute guy or something?
Person 2: OMG shikanoin heizou!?!?! He is the skrunkly double tap if you would skrunkly the when
by opalnight(real!!!!!!!!!!!) August 9, 2022
smartest and most successful detective of the tenryou commision, also known as kaedehara kazuha's boyfriend. he has two hands so he's my boyfriend as well.
me: look at these handcuffs heizou put on me aren't they cute
person: pls get help.
by gorouscumslut July 19, 2022
best and most sexy guy that will ever exist in genshin. he's the love of my life. he's the best at everything. he is an amazing detective that can rail me so bad and i'd never object against it. i'd let him invite me to his place anytime for whatever he wants to do with me.
friend: have you heard of heizou from genshin?
me: yeah, i love him so much. i went to his place last night. my heizou <3
by heizou's love December 20, 2022
Shikanoin Heizou is a upcoming and or playable character (based on when you’re reading this) in genshin impact!

He’s the Tenryou commission self proclaimed detective and is mentioned by a few other characters such as Thoma, Ayaka, Kokomi, Sara, and Gorou!

He’s often said to be unique, a hard person to get along with, and disliked. This mostly comes from his investigation work as he has his own way of doing his investigation process and it’s also said that his older sibling hopes nobody gets hurt in the process so maybe that’s another reason why the people of Inazuma may not like Heizou.

One final thing about Heizou is how he’s known for his rebellious behavior and often puts his goals in front of his actual work.

He’s also mostly known for going sightseeing at watatsumi island and as a result being called weird for it.
by Heizousbff December 31, 2022
Hot ass character coming out soon in genshin impact.
I told my friend about Shikanoin Heizou and I am seen as maining him
by Cryxal_Rxses May 18, 2022
one of the hottest men in the world of Teyvat. I do not know if i want to breed him or if i want him to breed me. everything going from the choker, his ranpo vibes, his very pullable hair and just his very hot and sexy face. yea he's short but he also has one of the longest,thickest best schlongs ever seen. i swear if i ever saw him i'd give him the best most mouth watering, wettest, head leaning back, whimpering, screaming without the s, gawk gawk ever.

just one chance please shawty bae.

just looking at him makes me pop the biggest nut ever known to man kind. I've probably beaten records after busting a nut to him.
person 1 : yo did u see the shikanoin heizou??

person 2 : yea bro look at how white my pants are i even talked to him
person 1: you're so lucky!
by GivingGawkGawkToMen August 8, 2022