1 definition by GivingGawkGawkToMen

one of the hottest men in the world of Teyvat. I do not know if i want to breed him or if i want him to breed me. everything going from the choker, his ranpo vibes, his very pullable hair and just his very hot and sexy face. yea he's short but he also has one of the longest,thickest best schlongs ever seen. i swear if i ever saw him i'd give him the best most mouth watering, wettest, head leaning back, whimpering, screaming without the s, gawk gawk ever.

just one chance please shawty bae.

just looking at him makes me pop the biggest nut ever known to man kind. I've probably beaten records after busting a nut to him.
person 1 : yo did u see the shikanoin heizou??

person 2 : yea bro look at how white my pants are i even talked to him
person 1: you're so lucky!
by GivingGawkGawkToMen August 8, 2022