A: Aren't Tohma and Ayaka engaged
B: Actually me and Ayaka are engaged
A: Congrats on your relationship!
Later that night....
A:... Alex play "Heather" by Conan Gray
by yourfavoritechink May 10, 2021
Colourful in everything. WIth a sparkling personality and bright mind. Ayakas are nearly always pocketsize but will only ever inhabit colourful flower power pockets.
Hippy 1: I need a gal pal
Hippy 2: Get yourself an Ayaka
by Lockwood99 November 16, 2010
Ayaka is short and stuff like that idk,

She packs her food into a to go box and starts eating it out the to go box and she wonders why the food is cold, but little did she know she took 5 minutes packing her food into a to go box, she claims its for sanitation but the food was already served into a basket so what was the point of transferring into a to go box when it already touched the basket. and to add: she used her bare hands to transfer the food to the to go box so i don't get what the big fuss about sanitation was about.

When she recommends an anime if you don't finish it within a 1 week period she will gradually spoil the entire anime, but its okay because as long as shes happy it'll be worth it.
S: What is Ayaka doing with her food?

D:Don't mind her shes just being herself.

S:No actually what is she doing?

D:I told you, shes ju- OH MY GOD.
by ballmanxd August 28, 2022
To receive free alcoholic beverages without having to put out
“I pulled an Ayaka last night and drank for free
by mattrix80 July 29, 2022
The hottest stuff out there. True party gal. The name of someone who's personality and attitude can attract any guy. She is filled with unbelievable talent that ordinary people could only dream of. Her smile is so bright no one can stop from doing the same. She has the perfect amount of attitude with sarcasm that can force you to cry from laughing. Ayaka is the queen of life and is rumored to be Cardi's idol and inspiration. Kylie aspires to be her, Bruce Jenner changed his gender to be more like her. Anyone that has the privelege to meet Ayaka is lucky. The name originally meant "Fragrance" but she has transformed it to mean "The perfect bitch on earth". Ayaka is perfect.
Guy 1:Damnn that girl is fineee

Guy 2: Thats Ayaka, Don't even try, shes way out of your league

Guy 3: She's out of everyone's league
by Lilioctove November 22, 2021
She is a kind girl.
But, sometimes she's kinda annoying.
She is a pick me, but not on many boys and not acting cute like other pick me girls. She doesn't want people who she hates be close to her friends, though she just might wanna cut ties with the friend too. Sometimes, she treats her friends like a friend who she will just talk tl or walk with when she needs them and treat them like a trash. Likes to spend money. She's famous in campus too. There's a possibility that she'll betray you. Be careful, she might steal your man from you.
: dyk that one girl who just walk past by us?
: ofc, she's a student council indeed "ayaka".
by zushimooh March 8, 2022