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A college roommate. An easily scared, highly humorous, wide shouldered creature who enjoys kicking grass and splashing through puddles during the rainy season. Not always graceful, but hanging out always makes for a good time. This animal is highly sensitive to changes in it's environment, such as placing an ottoman in it's den. Take caution around this moose during periods of high stress, such as inclement weather, finals or food shortages, as it tends to be easily agitated during these times. Treat a moose well, and it will be a loyal friend for the rest of your lives.
Allison: I'd like to introduce you to my moose, Kelsey.
Parents: It's nice to meet you. Do you two get along well?
Allison: Yes, she is a great moose! Random roommate selection worked out really well this time!
by Symphony210812 February 29, 2012
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A small University in Ohio. Heidelberg is a liberal arts, private institution. It also is knows nation wide as having one of the scariest mascots of all time, The Student Prince.
Student:I'm a student at Heidelberg.

Family member:You mean the school with the scary prince?
by Symphony210812 February 29, 2012
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