The safest, cleanest & greatest neighborhood in Chicago. Hegewisch is where East Side people move to when they finally realize that their pathetic little lives are shit.
Person 1: I can't believe I've lived like this for so long! I'm getting the fuck out of the East Side!
Person 2: Damn bro! Where are you going?
Person 1: Hegewisch!
Person 2: You lucky motherfucker! Do you need a roommate?
by SithMaggot October 05, 2015
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The smelliest, dirtiest, and dumbest part of Chicago.
Hegewisch wishes it was as cool as the East Side
by Big Chief April 21, 2005
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place were durty people live, like someone named Ogre.
hegewisch has a bunch of ogres that live there, and is nowhere close to being as good as the EAST SIDE.
by jackass April 22, 2005
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A suburb near Indiana. Has many break ins and liberal people. Many feminists also. Gas and smokes are cheap so that’s cool eh?
Oh my god. I’m going to throw a sick banger in Hegewisch next week.
by Jroc Smokey January 21, 2019
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