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A term used by Michael Jackson (The King of Pop) in many of his songs. Usually describes a state of happiness or excitement.
"Ch'mone, HEE HEE! Oww! The way you make me feel!"
by JacksonFan90 March 06, 2010
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Popularized by Micheal Jackson, it is usually yelled at a very high pitch. Yell/Scream this at random times to make an everyday, boring conversation amusing/annoying.
Guy#1: Nice weather we're having. Perfect for the company picnic.
Guy#2: Yeah i guess....HEE HEE

Kid: Mom! whats for dinner?
by Cwhite17 September 22, 2010
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The best way to laugh. Often used by the singer dubbed as the King of Pop (Michael Jackson).
🎡The way you make me feel! You really turn me on! You knock me off of my feet! Hee hee!🎡
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by Ilove2tour May 31, 2018
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to laugh in a matter of laughy-taffy-nesss. WEEEE i love laughing. Also see lol, rotfl, haha, mwahahaha, or teeheehee.
This is an IM conversation:
blahh123: i just wet my bed.
blahh321: heehee!!!
by kitkat123546 June 12, 2008
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A term that someone says when they get high for the first time.
person 1: You looked baked my guy
person 2: hee hee
by jimblejumble April 06, 2019
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