A set of pronouns most commonly used by men, he/him pronouns can be used by women and non-binary/gender non conforming people as well
“He is over there” “His bag is over there”
“My pronouns are he/him
“Sarah’s preferred pronouns are He/him although he’s a girl”
by Fennwiffthehomo July 22, 2021
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he/him or he/him/his are pronouns that are used to refer to someone in the third person. he/him is usually used by men or non-binary people but can also be used by women (usually lesbians). he/him are the default pronouns used by AMAB people and used by most men.
example use of he/him pronouns:
person 1: Hey did you see Sam's new hair?
person 2: Oh, yeah! I did his hair looks great.
person 1: I really like the new cut of him.
person 2: definitely, he looks great.
by bean13 September 21, 2020
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The set of pronouns an individual who identifies as the male gender uses.
Josh uses he/him pronouns because he is a male.
by Just a Man, Not a Hero January 07, 2020
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A lesbian who identifies most with he/him pronouns. Pronouns do NOT equal gender, and lesbians who use he/him pronouns are not men. Furthermore, he/him lesbians are not all non-binary, and can still be women and use he/him pronouns
He/him lesbians experience of gender often stems from having a disconnect to womanhood, for example, compulsory heterosexuality.
Person 1: I identify as a he/him lesbian.
Person 2: Okay, you're valid because pronouns to not equal gender and the experience of lesbianism is not universally the same.
by limepie May 10, 2020
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A lesbian who uses he/him pronouns because they are most comfortable with those pronouns.
He/Him lesbians should totally be respected or you're a lesphobe!
by EbiManami April 21, 2019
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A He/him lesbian is a lesbian who uses he/him pronouns despite the two concepts conflicting with each other. Many will claim this is because he/him lesbians feel a sense of disconnect from womanhood/femininity, or more commonly, "pronouns don't equal gender." However, this statement is incorrect due to the fact that pronoun variety exists for the sole reason of indicating gender identity in the context of a conversation. If pronouns were only meant for specifying a person completely outside of gender, then this variety (he/him, she/her, they/them, etc) simply wouldn't exist, and there would only be one universal set of pronouns.

Another way people attempt to justify he/him lesbians is by using examples of he/him lesbians from the past, in which the historical context has been adapted and altered, for their convenience. Historical he/him lesbians did not use he/him pronouns because they preferred it that way, but rather they did this as a safety mechanism. This is because, in more homophobic times, lesbians would commonly have one partner present as male in order to appear as a heterosexual couple, as to not get hate crimed out in public. This wasn't a form of self-expression, this was a safety method.

In short, he/him lesbians are harmful to lesbians as they suggest that lesbians can be attracted to men if they are attracted to he/him lesbians (who literally call themselves "he", a male pronoun).
Person A: "I'm a he/him lesbian."

Person B: "So you're a woman......who goes by he/him?"

Person A: "Yes."

Person B: "But he/him suggests the user is male, that's why it's a set of pronouns. It's for male-identifying people."

Person A: "Pronouns don't equal gender."

Person B: "So then why have different pronouns at all? There are different pronouns because they were made to represent different genders. If pronouns don't include gender than why isn't there just one universal set of pronouns? It doesn't make sense."
by Fritz.Fox August 29, 2021
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He/him lesbians refer to lesbians who use he/him pronouns despite the two categories being conflicting of one another.

Many people use examples of historical he/him lesbians to validate their identity, however they adapt and change the historic context to their convenience. For example; many claim he/him lesbians used male pronouns because they felt detached from their womanhood. However, the historical use of male pronouns amongst lesbians was STRICTLY for safety, so they could pass as a male to avoid lesbophobia during a highly
homophobic time.
person a) “he/him lesbians are harmful as they invalidate both lesbians and trans men.”

person b) “period!”
by dykepatrol January 01, 2021
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