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Slang for Weehawken. Seems nice and peaceful on the outside but there are drugs and smoking going on. It is across the river from New York City. It is a good place.

Hawken is also chanted at Weehawken High School events. ex: at football games and pep rallies.
at the football game the group of people supporting Weehawken team was chanting "H-A-W-KEN, HAWKEN!"
by AricNeo May 29, 2009
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good looking, smart, outgoing person. He/she knows what their doing and get the job done right.
"Damn, that girl is so Hawken, I'd like to get at that"
by RatchetRatchet September 05, 2011
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Hawken is a super funny guy he is super cute and always has a way to make you smile but he can also be very empathetic and knows how to cheer the most saddest people up and he is also really hot
“Hawken is so hot I hope he asks me to the dance”
by Jada cortež October 25, 2018
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