Scoring three goals in one game of hockey. Scoring three in a row is called a natural hattrick.
I nearly scored a hattrick, but missed the net in the final seconds.
by Sam Orr January 02, 2008
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To get Sex, Anal Sex and a blow Job of one girl
Peter "I completed the Hattrick with Victoria last night"
by moonbizzle December 10, 2009
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The only game online that keeps people playing for years. A semi-religion for all who play.
I wonder if I'm winning my league game on hattrick.
by Dan Tutty March 04, 2004
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The banging of 3 different chicks in one night, Usually done by Boss Players.
I heard that your boy Alistair scored a hattrick that one night in Vegas.
by Mad Stuntin March 22, 2005
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"The GAME" an online soccer management game, so simple that you don't need to be a geek or a computer nerd to play it, just like soccer and the possiblity to have your own team, plus it doesnt take out much more time.
OMFG I've ascenced to the III league, I'm so close to glory...
by Dandyboy May 02, 2005
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To become a Hattrick-Hero you need to have sex with a pregnant woman. It is cruicial, that the woman isn‘t pregnant with your own child.
You will have to fuck her again, after she gave birth to her child.
The last step consumes the most time:
You wait 18 years until her Daughter is 18 years old. Then you fuck her daughter.
Congratulations, Now you‘re a Hattrick-Hero.
„Look at Dan, he‘s a Hattrick-Hero!“
„Yeah, I heard he Hattricked Sarah.“
by Hattrick-Heroes February 15, 2020
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The ultimate three course penetration...
oral, vaginal, anal
I bought her flowers, we watched "The Notebook" together by the fireplace, and after I presented the Tiffany's bracelet, she rewarded me with a Velvet hattrick.
by G. Baca March 26, 2007
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