Any phrase uttered by someone who isn’t a democrat
Republican: (anything)
Democrat: get out of here with that hate speech you bigot
by Ty54 January 9, 2021
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(formerly free speech) A term used typically by a left leaning individual to dismiss an argument they do not like or can't think of a rebuttal for. If you cannot be proven right with logic, reducing your opponent's argument and character is a good way to come out virtuous and save face. Continuing to label things as hateful reduces the idea space of things you need to comprehend, making it easier to recite answers for arguments you don't have a fully formed opinion on. Reducing language is the best way to limit the amount of things you need to learn. If quantum mechanics class was too difficult, simply label it hate speech and there's no need to learn the formulas!

See also: cancel culture, closemindedness, ignorance is bliss, misinformation
Alice: you just contradicted yourself
Bob: no I didn't that's you are just peddling hate speech and/or misinformation


Alice: I hate it when they report raw impartial data
Bob: data and statistics is the purest form of hate speech
by TruthSeeker1999 February 7, 2022
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The term liberals use against us but even though they are using hate speech.
Conservative wearing Maga hat

Not a soul

Not a single soul

No one on earth


Leftist also: Your using hate speech
by Skyrim550 April 20, 2022
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the actual definition of hate speech is abusive/threatening speech that has prejudice against a particular group like religious ppl, anyone of different race or sexuality. they are NOT facts. examples of hate speech are: racist cartoons, derogatory slurs etc. if u say something that ppl get offended by but its not anything like the examples, its not hate speech.....and I'm saying this as a liberal.
random person: kill yourself all gay scum should die
I think that's hate speech correct me if I'm wrong :)
by ihaveapin dedicatedtospongebob October 18, 2019
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(noun) - Traditionally describes speech which denigrated a group of people based on ethnicity, race, religion, sex, or other characteristic. Starting in approximately 2006 this definition was largely expanded to include the following:

1) True speech or opinion which the listener does not care for or hates.
2) Any speech from a person the listener hates, even if true.
3) Dissenting speech that is heard by a hateful person even if true.
4) Any speech from a person or political party a person does not identify with.
5) Any description or condemnation of "mostly peaceful" actions of a person or group of people.
Hey you racist, you cannot disagree with my beliefs or anything the news media and president says is true. If you do, its hate speech.

Why? Because it may be true? Are you afraid of the truth? Who made you the moral authority on right and wrong?

O'Doyle rules. Can't argue w that.
by $lapaho February 14, 2021
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