A red cap with the phrase "Make America Great Again ' that was made infamous by Donald Trump.
Generally worn by racist conservative biggots
- John is a racist patronising asshole
- Of course, I saw him yesterday wearing a MAGA hat.
by angry_man January 20, 2019
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What terrorists wear on their heads
The terrorists that attacked the capitol on Jan 6th 2021 wore maga hats
by _.-._ May 25, 2021
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Seeing this object in a person’s head is a dead giveaway of their low IQ.
That guy’s wearing a MAGA hat. I estimate his IQ to be well below zero.
by Spicyspectrum April 27, 2021
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A fedora that has aged but not matured.
*tips MAGA hat*
by Aunt Tifa Lockhart December 8, 2018
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A long time ago In the 1990s , there was a shittastic band called Limp Biscuit.

The singer of this rubbish racket was a portly stockwhite dork named Durst.
Durst wore a red cap
Like all the time
Once popular with Stock Whiteguys and the Obese breeder types, by the mid aughts the band was a shitstain of its former self.
Durst finally realized wearing a red baseball hat everyday is dorktarded and went fullretard; throwing boxes upon boxes of his once cherished headwear in dumpsters across the state of Florida.
Before the dumpsters were picked up by the local trash company a small manlet named Eric Trump discovered this cache of red hats while dumpster diving in his search for a wife.
In an instant he had an idea to save his father money on his upcoming presidential campaign!

And the Red MAGA Hat was born
"Holy shit even after twenty-some years my Red Maga Hat still pops out in a crowd. I love to scare those lib-tard lizards"
by SalWithoutOrfice May 25, 2023
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