When you hate a persons guts, but you wouldn't mind being inside them.
Becky's such a bitch but I would hate fuck the shit out of her
by kjbhuttvcvutyib March 27, 2017
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I hate fucked my ex-girlfriend's friend in the hot tub at the party. My ex caught me in the act. That made the hate fuck the best ever.
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Hate Fuck is having sex with someone you hate in that moment or just hate in general.

It generally consists of name-calling, downgrading and it's also generally rough.

Eg. Two people who are in a relationship had/have a fight and they hate each other in that moment and then they have sex, kinda like hating someone so much you want to make out with them.
Hate Fuck
Dominant husband: *Staring at submissive husband with an angry expression*

Submissive husband: "I fucking hate you" *Than proceeds to roughly grab his husbands face and starts making out with him*

Dominant husband: (Pretty much proceeds to aggressively fuck his husband)
by Lia Rundle January 20, 2019
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The desire or act of having sex with a girl who swears that she hates you just to prove that she liked you enough to get in bed with you.
Chad said you fucked Anna, did you?
But doesn't she hate you?
Bro it was a Hate Fuck.
Oh, nice man.
by Nemo Nobody June 14, 2015
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An internal phrase for the external phrase "love making".
by Anonymous September 7, 2003
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To have your dick sucked immediately after anal sex(while penis is dripping with ass juice)
by Anonymous August 8, 2003
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the act of displacing anger through fucking unbenounced to the other person.
He was totally hate fucking me last night and I don't know why...
by nana&chelle February 28, 2013
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