A small Philadelphia suburban town in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Reffered to often as the "ghetto" by rich, elitist, ultra-liberal Horsham residents who have an irrational fear of people who make less than 200 thousand dollars a year.

In reality Hatboro is an extremely safe town and contrary to popular belief, there are no prostitutes to be found. Also, there are no more white trash in Hatboro than what is typical of any other regional town (Upper Moreland, Horsham, Willow Grove, ect...), the only difference being that, these people actually do not have much money.

As for wealth, Hatboro is not poor, just diverse. It is a place where many people from a variety of incomes get along and for the most part, are great neighbors to each other.
Horsham Kid: "I'm not going down to the ghetto just to get a pizza, you go do it! You're the one who placed the order there."

Hatboro Kid: "Have you ever even been to Hatboro, or a real ghetto for that matter?"

Horsham Kid: "No, I'm a well educated intellectual and I don't associate with degenerates."

Hatboro Kid: "Are you frickin' kidding me?"

Horsham Kid: "No! Now go get that pizza from your poverty-ridden scum hole while I smoke this joint. People from that town have no future..."

Hatboro Kid: "..."
by Hatboro Resident January 24, 2009
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- n. - A small suburban borough north of Philadelphia characterized by white trash and prostitots

- a. - A term used to describe someone with little to no civility and a complete lack of moral values
Yo that bitch is soo Hatboro!
by the Kegkilla November 27, 2005
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(v) 1. To have vaginal intercourse with a woman while fisting her ass.
(n) 2. A borough outside of Philadelphia, Hatboro is the delinquent little brother of Horsham.
I thought that your girlfriend wouldn't mind if I Hatboroed her, but alas, I ended up getting the Cleveland Steamer as payback.
by omg liek wtf ha November 20, 2006
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a mythical creature spotted around the suburban Philadelphia area know as "The Hatboro Fairy". In it's free time, The Hatboro Fairy snaps pictures of cute sailors in the Navy who dance on their ships to "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls. The Hatboro Fairy also hates metal.
"Look at that sparkly creature fluttering around, hes such a Hatboro Fairy"

"Me and my hunting buddy were in the woods of Hatboro hunting for "The Hatboro Fairy". We fell asleep and the next morning, our asses really hurt."
by LeesWalls June 10, 2009
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