Upper Moreland is a relativly boring suburban, middle class community outside of Philadelphia. That's right, nothing happens here. When people from Upper Moreland go to hang out, they rarely do it within the borders of the township. This is due to the lack of entertainment (i.e. our sub-par mall, known as the Willow Grove Park Mall, which is essentially short-lived trend central). The nearest movie theater is miles away, in horsham. Upper Moreland is overcome with many who do not realize what ethnic background they are from. Dawg.
Hey guys, lets all go to Abington or Hatboro, because there is nothing to do here in Upper Moreland.
by Jack Wahs May 22, 2006
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A school with many problems. It is very old and pretty much poor, with old lockers and classrooms, paint chipping off the bricks and the canvas falling off the walls. Most students there are sluts, drug/alcohol abusers, and flat or fatass bitches who think they are hot. Most of these students with the help of their teachers will grow up to be prostitutes, teen moms, drug addicts, alcoholics, and in some cases, perverts. Some how this is a blue ribbon school. Also see: Upper Drugland Middle School, Upper Whoreland Middle School
Liv: hey.
Mads: hey haven't talked/seen you in a while.
Liv: yeah. what school do you go to?
Mads: upper moreland middle school.
Liv: ...i feel bad for you.
Mads: thanks....
by Salise Albstock June 17, 2009
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The worst UM High School football team since '08-'09. They are a joke and an embarrassment to Upper Moreland, having a losing streak of every game they have played.
John: Hey, wanna go to the Upper Moreland High School football game?

Mike: Yeah, and watch them lose? No thanks.
by yeahthatsme_ October 20, 2011
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