The act of changing a colleague's desktop wallpaper to display the manly physique of David Hasselhoff.
Dear God man! I leave my workstation for a few moments to visit the big boys room and you've Hasselhoffed me!
by wowblagger July 7, 2004
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verb: to suck in one's gut in order to appear slimmer and to do so to the extreme that the act becomes obvious. David Hasselhoff was notorious for this behavior while he starred-- often shirtless--on the show Baywatch. Other actors or models who are required to go shirtless have also exhibited the same behavior. However, in contemporary media the practice is very rare and easily spotted.
Is that guy Hasselhoffing, or was he born without any internal organs?
by I can't be blank July 7, 2010
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Spending all your time in the sand trap while playing golf.
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You were Hasselhoffing your way through the first 5 holes.
by Permstein December 10, 2006
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I attribute this word to "lousy acting skills"
"Gee, that was some bad Hasselhoffing"!
by kdawg52 December 9, 2006
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A Hasselhoffer is a person or people that immediately junps your back and annoys the hell out of you to no end!
This same type person the Hasselhoffer, does this all day every day, therefore is considered to be Hasselhoffing.
The Hasselhoffer is on the borderline of being a Sociopath because of his the sadistic "Thrill" or "Sympathomimetic Hormonal Rush" he gets from Hasselhoffing others.
You are sitting in a park on a nice sunshiny day; taking in your Zen meditation. Here comes a Hasselhoffer like a <virus> in a computer looking for <Hasselhoffing> time>. The Hasselhoffer appears to <look like> cool people and starts up a conversation;commenting on your Zen beliefs. Before you know it, there he is "Hasselhoffing" you, <trying to make you feel like> your waiting for the next Hailey Bob Comet.
by Jo_mamma-manizzle December 9, 2006
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-The act of tricking someone into watching the music video for Hooked on a Feeling, similar to rick rolling but way more awesome
-To be tricked into watching the insanely corny video
- Search Hooked on a feeling in youtube and and start the virus
Andy- Dude youve gotta check out this video!!! its of this hilarious asian commedian!
Joey- Ok, send me the link man, i need a laugh!
Andy- **Sends link**
Joey- FUCK YOU, i just got hasselhoffed!
Andy- Lol I've been Hasselhoffing people all day
by That Eskimo in the vid May 1, 2010
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To have ones computer screen desktop changed to a sexually suggestive picture of Hasselhoff
When my coworkers leave their computers unlocked, they get Hasselhoffed
by Kawie95 December 10, 2010
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