A brownie that is baked using weed. Eating these brownies results in more of a body high, then a head high. A common misconception is that putting weed on anything will get you high. In fact, there needs to be a high fat substance(ex. Butter) to bring out the effects of the THC(active ingredient in marijuana)
That hash brownie really got me baked last night, and it

tasted like chocolate:)
by stefff3737 December 5, 2009
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Brownies baked with marijuana for the intention of getting high.
You want some of these hash brownies?
Yeah, I need to get stoned.
by Sonya June 29, 2004
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A regular dessert brownie that has been laced with ground (or chopped) up buds from marijuana; THC is activated upon heating -- therefore you can get high by smoking it or by eating the cooked brownies.

Think there is a recipe for them on this web site under pot brownies.
Becky asked if I was going to serve hash brownies at my party. I said that I can't because my children might eat them.
by Winsi June 28, 2004
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chocolate cake containing weed
hey beefcake, your mums hash brownies realy fuckd us up last nite
by Club Gidz September 3, 2008
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Man these hash brownies are loaded
by Scottie June 27, 2004
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Greek mythology related, probably the food of the gods, was made from pure goodness and highly enjoyful ingredients. the consumption of this food will bring the muncher the powers to fly... and... well... get high.
So I've told Zeus... MAN! These hash brownies are AWESOME!
by MunchMonk94769 June 13, 2007
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