An Australian Broadcast television network formed in 1965.

The network, formed in 1965, was initially dubbed the Independent Television Network or ITN but in 1972 adopted the name the 0-10 Network which reflected the channel 0 and 10 frequencies that it broadcast at the time. In the early 1990s TEN also referred to itself by the acronym "The Entertainment Network" in network promotions.

In 1980, the 0-10 Network became known as Network Ten to reflect ATV-0's transition to ATV-10 - although the Brisbane station continued to broadcast as TVQ-0 until 1988.

In 1987, Adelaide's SAS-10 gave ADS-7 the hands of the Ten Network (as ADS-10).

It was nearly folded into the Seven Network in the early 1990s, but due to the lobbying power of billionaire Kerry Packer, owner of the Nine Network, this was successfully resisted.

In 2005, it was revealed CanWest was in discussions with newspaper publisher John Fairfax Holdings about a possible sale of the network, after the federal government had indicated it may consider relaxing Australia's media cross-ownership laws. Currently, newspaper owners cannot own television stations in the same city. Fairfax owned the Seven Network until the mid 1980s, and has been looking for a way back into television for a long time.

The Ten Network is Australia's most profitable station, mostly due to tight spending habits. Its main focus is on viewers under 40 and for the last four ratings years has won this demographic, in spite of being the lowest rating of the 3 commercial Australian television stations overall.

The Ten Network has headquarters in the Sydney suburb of Pyrmont, which is where all national news programming and the network feed are broadcast from.

Network Ten
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