1. The act of being overly creepy, as in liking every status on someone's facebook or commenting every picture a girl has on her profile.

2. Slang for Stalking, Harrassing or Creeping
Me-"Dude Stop Harrisoning Me"
Stalker-"I'm not being creepy"
Me-"Yes you are"
Stalker-"I just like everything about you"
by itsmelissafoos September 10, 2009
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A phrase used to turn around any bad situation to show the bright side. Used by optimists trying to make people feel better! :)
Here are some examples of harrisonisms:

You might not have made the football team, but at least you have more time for homework! :)

There might be a test today, but at least that means we don't have a lecture! :)
by Germaniac February 14, 2010
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A person who is very friendly at times but can be easily annoyed but is also easily pleased. A ladies’ man who prefers to be in serious relationships and loves hugs and romantic moments. Tends to adore music and ALWAYS talks about it or sings it and the girl that goes out with him is just about the cutest girl you’ll meet.
Wait, is that Harrison? Ha, not surprised she’s with him, he’s adorable!
by Getting there August 6, 2018
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the most caring, and loyal boy you will ever meet. will fall for you in a heart beat and will give you butterflies in seconds. once you have him be careful, they’re rare. always keep a harrison in your life because he will give you more support and love than ur momma
that’s my sweet boy, harrison
by Spidermilk June 29, 2019
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The most amazing boy you'll ever meet, kind to everyone, hottest looking guy you've ever seen, best style ever, makes your heart sink every time you look at him, always makes you happy no matter what state your in, gives you butterflies every time you see him, can always put a smile on your face.
have you ever met harrison? well you should because he's the most amazing person you'll ever meet.
by Jiords <3 February 28, 2013
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Inadvertently getting fucked over by someone you made plans with, who has no malicious intent.
Hey didn't you have plans with with Harrison today?

Yeah, but he canceled for a smash tournament.

Ha! You just got Harrisoned.
by omally September 19, 2016
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He is the best wingman in the world he will do whatever to help you out and take one for the boys whenever. He always knows the most about girls but can never get one even though he has feelings for them a lot. He is very smart and is willing to help anyone out. He can be a complete asshole sometimes but he does it because he is your best friend.
Me: yo Harry how do I get that girl over there

Harrison: Oh don't worry I got you
by Friedchicken461 May 28, 2021
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