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A school in the middle of basically a cow pasture, 75% populated by Hispanics, wannabe thug white boys, ghetto kids who think they're "hood", and pregnant white trash. The remaining 25% is comprised of sleazy arrogant jocks, slutty preps and everyone else who isn't Hispanic, ghetto or pregnant.

Infamous for its shit-talking "gangs" of kids who think "their set rolls deeper than all them otha haters", girl fights, and skanky cheerleaders.
Want to see a dysfunctional cultural melting pot? Visit Harrisonburg High School
by Doris Urvanovich January 28, 2011
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A safe haven for all nationalities and cultures from around the world. A place that disproves all stereotypes. Teaches you about different cultures and places that you might never get to see. Where every other person can teach you a different language. We are brought together in an effort to succeed and do our best. We push each other to succeed in everything we do and encourage each other in everything they do. We weren't made racist because diversity is all we've ever know. We are one big family.
Harrisonburg High School is my safe haven.
by Arianna J February 03, 2017
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Harrisonburg high school Is a place where black white latino Asian Indian and all other nationalities come together. You must think that we must be a segregated school between the races, but in reality you have Latinos teaching people how to speak Spanish. The smart people helping out the people who ask for it. There is no table for just the football players or just the track stars. The cheerleaders sit with the nerds and the hillbillies. We are also one of 32 schools in the state that have what is called the stem program this Is a program that accelerates your learning. I was a freshmen and the normal science class for a freshmen to take is earth science, myself and close to 80 other students have taken physics honors instead. We also house one of the best JROTC programs in the state. Our track team indoor and outdoor have constantly competed in states. The basketball team is amazing. We don't always win but you can guarantee that there is a valiant effort. Yes we have drugs and fights that happen in our school but think, what high school doesn't?
Harrisonburg high school A place where you find that we are All family
by astudent here August 23, 2015
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