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The guy who wrote the song "Smoke Weed"
Somehow people got a hold of this song, even though I don't think Khmer Kid even has a CD or single, and now people play it all the time thinking it is the best weed smoking song ever, even though Khmer Kid probably made the song off his Dell computer. That being said, the song is actually pretty good for being made in his house/room.
"Smoke Weed" is a good song to blaze to, but who the hell is Khmer Kid?
by Gracen March 12, 2008

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1.) Blunt Wrap

2.) Blunt
1.) Yo', pick up some bleezies so we can smoke this shit!

2.) I just rolled a fat bleezy of some killer grand dad! We got to burn this shit down!
by Gracen November 26, 2007

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A hardcore runner, someone who runs like there is no tomorrow. Cussin' and discussin' while they stomp a mudhole anywhere they can. You can keep your trophy, the real reward is the gravel and pieces of scab that you dig out of the shower drain the next day.
Man that Dathan Ritzenhein is one crazy harrier!
by Gracen March 04, 2005

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To be high on marijuana. A term coming along on the westside. The feeling you get when high on some type of marijuana, your face and cheek bones feel like they are raised to the sky! Almost like resembling the Grinch. Once you look in the mirror though, your face is normal and you expected to see something very different.
Man we smoked mersh, but still got grinch vision! I love those highs.
by Gracen April 15, 2007

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