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A man with an overtly large penis, almost a burden to have such an enormous shaft. A real eye catcher to society due to the absolute girth of his male reproductive section.
The harrier, Hunter really catches eyes that man walks with such swagger.

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Total an utterly gay , enjoys anal, and long walks on the beach!
A.J was running a race and got the sudden taste for huge cock and done his cool down getting gangbanged in the locker room. While planning his beach vacation. “The Barber Special”
by RatStealer449 January 28, 2018

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The act of a man sticking his dick in a waffle maker and then a woman having her full arm (right side) firmly in the mans ass. While singing Roar by Katy Perry.
Jon wanted to spice up things with his wife so he had her help him with a right handed waffle slam.
by RatStealer449 September 18, 2017

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