The most gorgeous specimen of a man you will ever meet. Not only is he funny,kind,caring and generous he is amazing in bed. If all men were like him the world would be a better place.
Hey guys what's another word for perfect........ Haroon.
by brownisbest March 16, 2013
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Haroon is a common name also a Arabic name (Harun) there are 2 different name that mentioned Haroon Urdu name Harun Arabic name
Haroon loves driving in his car .
by IUbranDictionary500 March 13, 2017
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A Haroon is a maker of "phat beetz" most notably of the Trance variety. Haroons tend to hang out with people who are "OneUp" above the rest and like to play Final Fantasy all day long.

Haroon's like warm climates and are known to raise the temperature by at most 10 degrees (F) when they walk outside.
Haroon is hot (in reference to the fact that most Haroon's live in hot climates, their hotness makes their surroundings hot)
by Variable Rush November 3, 2004
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A young Destiny 2 player, who spends his free time eating cheese.
person 1: whos that yute playing destiny 2 whilst eating cheese?
person2: thats haroon, he likes cheese
by HunterIsTheBest September 6, 2020
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Johnny: do u know ho haron is?)
Johnny 2: no
johnlsrjur: die (epic dab)
Johlhebyh: o no
Me: ha nob

haroon: Haroon means epic man
by assmaaster4200000 August 27, 2019
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Means a Boner of varying sizes
by grubble September 6, 2018
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Being fucked on Facebook by a fake account; fake account meaning that someone else, usually a fat fob, is behind the account (using stolen pictures of someone else, who is usually attractive).

The term originated from Haroon Khan, a fat kid who was unable to get the time of day from a girl named Malaika whom he met over Facebook and made him horny. He then went on to make another account with the picture of someone else, and started having Facebook sex with her, ie. Jacking off while having dirty conversations in Facebook chat.
You just got haroon'd, Malaika!

That muscular guy you were talking dirty with over Facebook wasn't who you thought it was ... you got haroon'd, Eman!
by Khawar Khan July 12, 2012
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