The dutch word for Raking, often used to describe the action of pulling something you long for within your reach. (Money, sexual partners ETC.)
p1: "Damn, that's a thicc ass mf dime, I want that!"
p2: "Yeah bro. H-H-H...!!"
p1&p2: "HARKEN!"
by TGEB December 17, 2017
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Harken-back: To escape the chaos of modern life by harkening-back to a simpler time by consuming the cheapest canned beer that Trader Joe's sells (i.e. Simpler Times Lager)
Jeff, do you wanna come over at 12:30 and harken-back with us over some episodes of Gimmie A Break?
by sallygomez November 29, 2009
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a stupid how who eats shit off of the bare floor /j JKJK YOURE AWESOME
who’s harken market?
:dragon from horten hears a hoo (idk how tf to spell it)
by kai the hottest person ever October 2, 2021
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