A Hutto is often juicy and fruity. Characterized with a peach or a banana. Mostly, Huttos got big cocks although some got teeny weeny ones.
DAMN! That Hutto is a BLUEBERRY.
by BUTTO BOY February 26, 2022
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Any one person who is a skeptic,loves Star Wars (except gross episode 1), has two children and is terrible at any and all board games. and takes huge dumps. (see marcus)
Man that guy marcused my bathroom and then left, he's such a hutto.
by Jonathan McCheese August 29, 2008
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The best person in the world.The most loyal, faithful,and cute person in the world. Loved by all, feared by ignorant people. I should shake my booty, because she just told me to. Andy spivey loves her.
Andy:You know who I love?
Andy:Jenna Hutto.
by russell1205ace2 October 9, 2008
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money for nothing chicks for free

wt deuce


Cole Hutto is one of a kind
by Cds January 18, 2004
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A dumbass when it comes to girls named Chassity

Will give ten years for nothing and left alone to die in grief and misery
I used him like a chassity and he was a perfect Bennett hutto lol

Now lets high !!
by Krazy kross March 16, 2017
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