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by Anonymous January 04, 2003
Anything meaning good, like tight, cool, ill, etc.
"Yo that song is hard."
by Kerrry November 01, 2007
1. An erection of the penis...
2. What happens to a girl's nipples when she gets cold or has water poured on her tits (like in a wet t-shirt contest)
3. A description of sex
1. "I stay hard throughout my Spanish class cause my teacher's so damn hot."
2. "My nipples are getting hard..."
3. "If you finger me good, I'll do you really hard."
by hornyashell March 28, 2005
cool, really outstanding, look nice.
Them shoes go hard. Your hair go hard.
by Cam April 08, 2003
someone who is tough. XIAO
by deshaun stevenson July 10, 2008
When a person, place, or thing stands out to the point where it may draw out one's excitement from it's exposure.
That fresh cherry paint job goes hard with that leather!
by jdoh April 30, 2015
I made Victor hard when we had that hot one night stand.
by Stacy July 26, 2006