1) Music originating from america in the 1960's. Created for people to dance to, with a prominent bass line and clever loops and samples. The most innovative style of music around today, encouraging new and varied ideas to emerge into the mainstream only to be knocked out of the charts by some pansie pop group or boyband who's records are bought by young girls.
Note: Dance music is not pop music. People who think that this is the case have never heard real dance music. pathetic people who call themselves djs by producing a re-make with a heavy beat and female vocals do not produce dance music. they produce poor quality pop.
by samstorm December 5, 2004
Background music for making out and/or dry-humping in the middle of a crowded dance floor.
Friend 1: That dance music in the club was nice.
Friend 2: Come on; I know why you really liked it.
by dance_music_rules February 27, 2005
Awful noise defined by a constant bass drum, the reason being so you can bang your head up against a wall and knock yourself out so you don't have to listen to it. People into this sort of rubbish have to take drugs so they can listen without being bored to death. Listened to by burberry wearing idiots, teenagers with 5 kids and people who want to think they are hard. They are not.
Luckily can't think of an example of dance music. Tripe!
by Jonthemon June 21, 2007
Educational dance music (EduDM) is a genre of dance music created by DJ Kronotrope. This is essentially dance music that doubles up as an educational tool by imparting valuable knowledge to specialist groups and/or the general public through song.

Songs have been used as a medium for imparting knowledge for centuries. Though inferior in many respects to more traditional forms of learning, they remain especially potent for delivering small pieces of important information – especially the kind that needs to be memorised. This is because most songs contain loops. Usually, melodies constitute such loops; but for many songs with vocals, even lyrics loop. Looped lyrics assail the listener's mind and 'drill the information into one's head', so to speak.

EduDM songs must satisfy the conditions listed below:

1. The song qualifies as dance music
2. The knowledge imparted is valuable
3. The knowledge is 100% factually correct based on authoritative sources such as recognised academic journals
4. The knowledge imparted is not revisable within the foreseeable future
5. The song features no vulgar content (e.g. vulgar songs about sex and drugs cannot qualify as EduDM)
1. Educational dance music songs can save lives. It's true!

2. Educational dance music provides a means by which specialists in their respective fields of work can show off how much knowledge they possess about a subject to people that don't really care.

3. Tom: "I was so drunk last night that I couldn't even remember whether or not I was making out with Anne or Sarah. For some reason, though, I seem to know all about Heideggerian metaphysics, quantum mechanics, and how to perform a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral saphingo-oophorectomy. Word."

Brad: "It was the EduDM, man. EduDM was being played at that club all night."

Sarah: "I LOVE EduDM!"
by DJ Kronotrope January 13, 2014
Intelligent Dance music, or IDM for short, was founded by acts from labels such as Warp Records, Rephlex Records and Ninja Tune Records. It is beat heavy, electronic music made to listen to instead of just dance to. It often uses syncopated and heavily processed percussion as the underlying foundation for the songs.

The Synthetic Dream Foundation, Aphex Twin, L.F.O., Boards of Canada and Plaid are some of the best-known IDM acts.
Squarepusher and The Synthetic Dream Foundation make killer Intelligent Dance Music.
by Musical Genius April 26, 2013
A type of music which sounds almost robotic and is a dance tune.
"Dude, that techno dance music you played last night was banging!"
by LilacDreamer January 6, 2016