QUICK DEFINITION: American DJ/Edm producer LONG DEFINITION: His shows and music are pretty good just his fanbase is pure crap his fan base has mostly teenage girls around the age of 11 - 15 and very young kids. Also Roblox loves this guy just look up Marshmello Roblox and you will see he is marketed like pure crap he has been on. Radio Disney the worst radio show in existence and much more last but not least everyone thinks this guy is Chris Comstock or DotCom.
Hey have you heard of Marshmello?
You should check him out his music is good but his fan base is s**t.
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by TheAllMightyChihuahua January 12, 2018
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A guy who is Cuter and Better in bed than Anyone named Angel. XD
Marshmello is so much cuter than Angel. - THE WHOLE WORLD!
by BetterthanAngel July 10, 2008
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