The queen. An amazing girl with a personality that everyone loves. People are very comfortable around her and respect her. She is also the definition of true beauty, inside out. Gives the best opinions but is sensitive when their thoughts are rejected; in which people never rejected theirs. Very generous and kind. May be mean but don't worry; she's only like that to those who deserve it. Please don't mess with Hanni, she knows what to do next.
Everyone falls for Hanni. No wonder, she's the queen.
by mudeebob201 May 17, 2020
An amazing, matured and outgoing girl with a personality that everyone wishes they have. People are very comfortable around her and will get the best opinions from her. She is the definition of true beauty, in and out. May be mean but she's only like that to those who deserve The Mean Hanni. Please don't mess with Hanni, she knows what to do next.
by mudeebob201 May 17, 2020
If you have a friend named Hanni, she is most definitely one of the best people in your life. You are so grateful to be allowed to call her your friend, and you wish her nothing but the absolute best in life. She deserves it!

If you ever have a problem that you want to discuss with someone you can trust, Hanni is the person to call. On a lovely walk on the riverside she will not only listen to you attentively, but also take you seriously and help you to attempt a solution.

If you can't go on a walk atm, though, because your crisis is happening at 2 a.m. in the morning and the situation requires you to act asap: Don't worry, Hanni's got you. She's probably not sleeping, as well, and will listen to you. And if the situation is hopeless and both of you aren't able to solve the problem, she'll send you GIFs to cheer you up and share your pain.

Often Hanni might be self-conscious and worried about the way people perceive her, but she doesn't know just how much everyone loves her. After all, she is extremely kind, witty and smart - not to forget how beautiful she is!

Whether it is about going to a party or spending the day in book shops and cozy cafè's, Hanni is up for it all. You will enjoy the time NO MATTER what you guys decide to do.

So, what are you waiting for? Tell Hanni how grateful you are to have her in your life RIGHT NOW!

And if you ARE Hanni and you are that friend, here's a message for you:

We love you all!!! <3
Person a: Who's your best friend?

Person b: Hanni!

Person a: You are so lucky!!!! You better be a good friend to her, as well!!!!!!
by wealllovehanni November 23, 2021
A ship between two people, Annie Leblanc and Hayden Summerall. Everyone ships them because the would be so cute together. Although, they are just best friends they would be a great couple. And everyone knows Hayden has feeling for Annie, and Annie's has feeling for Hayden they just don't want to admit it.
Hannie is the og
by Kim A July 4, 2017
A ship name representing 2 twelve year olds Annie Leblanc a singer, gymnast, model and a rising star, and Hayden Summerall a pop-singer also a rising star. They both joined together to do a cover of little do your know and their music video blew up and got 1 million views in only 4 minutes . Anyhow they are honestly the definition of goals and I can't blame the Hannie shippers for wanting to ship them because of various things that have happened like Hayden hugging her, Holding hands at a restaurant, and their cute music video that screams Goals af.
Annie Leblanc Hayden Summerall Hayden little do you know music video Goals af Hannie hannie
by Famoustags June 19, 2017
A very smart and very rich girl, who has lots of Gucci and Louis. When she gets older she will be da president of the f****** world.
Also beautiful
Smartest and Prettiest girl u evr meet
Hanny is so rich that shit like Gucci are so cheap.
by guccifortnite123 March 7, 2019