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To express one's anger with violent hand motions.
I'M SO FUCKING HANGRY RIGHT NOW *Clenches fists and waves them wildly*
by Uncle__Anon June 20, 2010
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A display of negative emotions common to men, women, children and animals resulting from lack of food and/or sleep. The subject and observers are usually unaware of the existing underlying reason.

The feeling of mental fatigue, accompanied by anger or upset due to a lack of energy, which can be resolved by eating food and/or resting.

The feeling of wanting to smash the sh*t out of everything and everyone in close proximity on sight, resulting from lack of food. Not to be confused with PMS.
He was not actually a bad man, he was simply hangry when he committed brutal, savage, unprovoked, vicious, violent murder.
by Latenight Rebeldreamer January 25, 2014
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a word used when somebody is mad because they are hungry. symptoms are:
anger when spoken to
extreme meltdowns
face slappings
my god.......that girl is SO hangry.......
by awesomeisanoverusedname October 09, 2015
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A state of anger which results from an unexpected obstacle (often a person) which unnecessarily prevents one from eating when one is exceptionally hungry.
"I can't believe Jesse's running half an hour late for dinner AGAIN. I am so hangry at her!"
by Anna Duvatney July 14, 2008
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Someone who is angry because they are hungry. Hangry.
We have been walking around the mall for hours and I am getting HANGRY! Let's hit the Orange Julius, STAT.
by AnthonySofine July 29, 2011
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