when somone grabs you by the breifs pulls it up putts it veryyyy high on a tree or somthin else.
at the age of 12 i was going home when 8 girls came up (i couldent resit cause there was 8) to me and put my breifs by the fence and took away the stool to get me up and took my close exept tighty wigtys i was left there for maby 4 hours and i couldent get down because when i tried to pull it down i coudent if you got one youd know and later they came back and poured chile suase all over me later they came back with 3 leters of water and forecd me to drink it but not all at once!. 9.PM.. it ripped and i fell on my ass and the rip was down the fece hole i was sitting i needed to rip the waist band i miss my tighty wigtheys :( hanging wedgie.
by jonbn December 10, 2010
i was wearing tighty wightys as usual. i was in changing. i was in whight strong strechy breifs. then girls jumed over my locker room and took me to the ground i did not see them.., dragd me to the school flagpole (after they put my underwaer over my head) and and hung me up there naked tighty wightys only. i peed every 10 seconds! bags of ice wear superglued yo my underwaer and the 7 girls shoted and wooted. after the next day i hardly got ANY sleep cause i was peeing and pooping for a while. they only fed crackersevryone saw and took picters.i cried. my tighty wightys wear oner my head on the flagpole they made me feel sick by raising the flagpole and lowering it,up and down up and down...i woke up in the wedgie (in my super wet breifs) i was being lowerd (it was dark so i did not know who it was) and a lowerd to the end of the flagpole. it was my litle brother who is 10 and im 13 and he un hooked me. i gave him 100 dollers i was saving but i was in that wedgie for 3 days so he deserved it and i moved school.hanging wedgie. this is true.the trueist out of UD
by adamloof841 May 7, 2011
A haning wedgie is when a bully pulls up your underwear and putts you on a tree or a coat hanger ETC.
I got a Hanging wedgie buy some girls at school (i am a boy) and put me on the school flag pole and i was left half naked for a 3 days in my breifs teachers seen me and got me down it took 2 hours. it was bad and good at the same time -_-. Hanging wedgie.
by donaqwww November 28, 2010
A wedgie hanging from an object.
The girl bully saw me and stripped me to my tight whities, then got scissors and cut my clothes. I was only in my tighty whities. She dragged me by my underwear to the flagpole and fed me a laxative and fed 9 glasses of water. then hooked my underwear on the flagpole string and hoisted me up. I hung up there pooing and peeing. My underwear was completely SOAKED. the back was covered with wet poop and it was yanked up my anus. The front was a urine fest. I dangled up there naked and cried and tried to find a way to get down. I hung in helpless defeat. I could hang from the front but my underwear would raise to my nipples. Or hang facing down but my buttcheeks came visible. I continued to pee and poo. I go to a girls only school but i'm the only boy. Everyday I got lowered to get spanked by the girls and fed me more water to pee. 2 weeks later I Was let down!. Hanging wedgie.
by BoyInGirlOnlySchool February 28, 2014
We’re someone grabs the waistband of someone’s underwear and hangs them from an object were their feet can’t touch the ground
Kaminari was walking through the UA dorms as Bakugou came up to him and said

Bakugou: Oi Dunce face! Come with me.Inventor girl made a new machine she wants you to test it out

Kami:Sure Bakubro!

They walked there and into a sound proof room and Bakugou Stood Denki on an x In a 65 foot Cylinder and then closed and locked the door and walked into the operating room and pressed the go button as a robot hand makes it way down to Kaminari and grabs his waistband and yanks up pulling Kaminari Five feet of the ground and then the robot hand grabs Kaminaris legs and goes all the way up to the top of the cylinder and then let’s go of his legs and of course the underwear Kaminari wore were indestructible granny type panties and he dropped him and he fell to the floor but was 7 feet from it and the robot hand hung him on a hook at the top of the cylinder

Kami:Get me down Bakugou my balls!!

Bakugou:Bye Dunce.

And with that he left leaving Kaminari there hoisted by his underwear in a 58 foot hanging wedgie
When the back of ur underwear is yanked up and hooked on to a high up place like a coat hook.
One time at my house i was watchin tv wen my brother gave me a massive wedgie. It hurt like hell. I was screaming but then he put duct tape over my mouth. He took me into the front yard with the wedgie still in and gave me a hangin wedgie of the tree in our yard. This was wen i still wore tighty whiteys. My tighty whiteys wudnt rip so i hung there for hours at a time. The branch was really high up so my underwear stretched really far. My brother kept feedin me and givin me water so i pissed and crapped myself loads. All the neighbors saw but didnt do anyting. 10 minutes before my mom and dad came home from vacation he let me down. My underwear was so dirty and wet. My bro sed hes gonna do even worse everytime they go away. Since then ive gotten an atomic wedgie for six days, a messy wedgie for three days, another hanging wedgie but this 1 was worse coz it was in our front yard but for three weeks and once he gave me a different wedgie in the same underwear for 2 weeks. One time he made me but a pair of tighty whiteys in the biggest size they had and gave me a hanging wedgie in it.
by sore ass james March 17, 2009
When one is hung by the waistband of their underwear on a hook or somthing that can hold somthing.
My enemy took me into a bathroom stall {they have hooks on the door} and grabbed my boxers. He hung me on the hook and locked the door and crawled out of the stall. I was stuck till the end of school.
by hangging by underwear January 10, 2005