Extremely puffy, fat, distended pussy lips the "hang-down" - best viewed from behind when the girl is standing in heels with her legs apart - also nicely fills up tight shorts, panties and often falls out the side of thongs and T-Bars...
So she is standing in front of me and I could not belive her hang-down ...

Man - she must have a lot of hang-down given the bulge in those panties ...

Oops! a little too much hang-down going on there - fell out the side of her thong bathing suit...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
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That after-the-fact unpleasant feeling while recovering from a cross-fade.
Man 1: Ah, bro, you look like shit.
Man 2: Yeah, I'm on that next level hangdown right now.
Man 1: I told you not to take those shots after you smoked all that weed and popped those pills.
Man 2: *passes out*
by Terribly Sorry To Interrupt March 02, 2012
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