The most handsome out of a group of men.
My nephew Joey is the handsomest in that picture.
by Mcaps823 January 5, 2019
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Most handsome man, this word can not be beaten by anything. ex. Hot, sexy, handsomestest.
A: “you’re handsome”
B: “You’re handsomest
A: “well I can’t beat that!”
by Transbxy October 22, 2019
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handsomest is a word to describe your very attractive boyfriend
He is super attractive, the only word to describe him is handsomest
by boomer1012 May 16, 2020
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a word made by my babe <3
This pretty girl named Bella called me the most handsomest boy ever
by Aden Flints Brother is 4ft October 27, 2021
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