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A handburger is a culinary masterpiece made from the shredded remains of an animal, crafted by a man with only the implements God has given him. It is the Ultimate Man's meal: a chunk of meat, inlaid with whatever he deems necessary, shaped however he pleases, and seared over the hot coals burning in his soul.

Serve it on a bun or directly by hand.
Frozen hamburgers? We only eat handburgers, here.
by Zuca April 21, 2011
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An act of foreplay, conducted during sexual intercourse, whereby one of the love makers inserts their fist into the other's rectum whilst they defecate.
Dude, we totally made a handburger and she like ate it down like a good gran'ma.
by Pip September 05, 2003
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The act of shaping an erict penis into a Patty then using ur left as the bun and inserting it into anothers orifice
I took my tinder date to Burger King just to find out she was vegan. I offered her a handburger instead and she took the whole thing.
by Dr.Yroc December 25, 2017
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