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When a person is attracted to hands, of all things.
Person 1: “Did you hear that Kira has a hand fetish?”
Person 2: “Is that a Jojo’s reference?”
by CpSkeletor May 25, 2020
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Where a person has a sexual love for hands.
Person: hey man, Kyle has a Hand Fetish

Other Person: OH SHIT
by YOU SHALL NOT KNOW MY NAME!!!! January 27, 2020
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When someone gets an erection because he sees hands
Brian: Yoshikage Kira has a hand fetish
Sam: oMg is that A fUckIng JOJO reference??!
by Jotaro has PTSD April 28, 2021
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Liking the sight of hands and or wanting to rub or stick them in your mouth...
Omg Macy's hands look so sexy painted that I just wanna lick them and suck them...I might have a hand fetish
by Mr. Mrs May 30, 2017
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Severed hand fetish. A person who has severed hand fetish likes to cut off hands and act as like they are people.
Killer queen has already touched the doorknob. Kira yoshikage has a severed hand fetish.
by refrigerator 23 May 17, 2020
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A fetish in which the recipients hand is licked repetitively by the protagonist until the recipient orgasms or is rendered unconcious. Bam.

Jamie: " fuckin way bro."

Charlie: "yea dude...hand licking fetish bro."
by THECHAZZBROBRO January 24, 2011
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