An expression used to describe the current, planned, or post, state of extreme inebriation of yourself or an observed individual.
Did you see that girl just torch her bangs while lighting that cigarette, shes got to be so Hammer Timed!

Man the only way id ever consider bang'in that dude is if I was totally Hammer Timed.
by Craigorator October 23, 2007
A catchphrase that was used by MC Hammer when he would start dancing.
"Wo-o, uh-uh-uh, uh-o, HAMMA TIME... HAMMA TIME!"
by The Hobgibbon March 24, 2005
A catchphrase a man says before jackhammering his partner and consequently breaking his/her neck.
Henry said 'It's hammer time!' in his chinese room.
by kenny is a fag November 2, 2006
the battlecry of those about to enter a dancing frenzy
as the viking warriors were about to pull a john travolta, they bellowed out "hammer-time!" with all of their might
by mag February 28, 2005
A catch-phrase used to trick an opponent or a wide variety of people when in a tight and/or awkward situation by creating a false yet, VERY effection imaginary diversion.
Joe: You bout to get yo shi* snagged.

John: STOP!...
Hammer time! ::runs::
by ssaJunGLe March 5, 2008
Generaly Used THIRD party reffering to someones level of intoxication in a social setting when that said person may not know how intoxicated they really are. You can also use the phrase in refference to yourself when describing anticts of when you were overly intoxicated.
Dude 1- " That chick right there just shuved a slice of pizza in her pocket, Hammer Time"


You- " I was Hammer Time last night kid, I drank 24 beers then shit on a cop car"

Friend-"Awsome, That is Hammer Time"
by BGeezy29 March 25, 2011