When a guy is getting rammed in the fartbox by another fine gent, their balls clap together. A hamburger Patty is made by insertion of face between said clapping balls.
Did you hear about Sarah? She got the Hamburger Patty from Jamal and Tyreke.
by three-oh-five November 2, 2011
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A weight lifter with huge muscles that lack any definition or distinguishment between differing muscle groups. A blob of muscles that seem to blend into each other like so much ground beef pressed together like a hamburger patty.
A weightlifter that is not concerned with looking asthetically pleasing, only with getting as big as possible and resembling a blob of meat like a Hamburger Patty.
by The_translator102 February 9, 2010
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When a man squashed his penis with a flat iron. Considered "raw" when heat isn't applied.
Man, I knew Jeff was into some strange shit, but a hamburg patty?
by Kroniso September 6, 2018
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"Damn, her tits are so small they look like hamburger patties with combos"
by steph & ro October 26, 2003
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something you slap your friends with in the face when they are being disrespectful and rude.
friend1: ya abby is such a stupid i dont like her
friend2:omg she has slept with so many guys she is starting to look like one
friend3:yea she is really ugly:
me:guys thats not nice (this is where the hamburger patty coes in handy) *slaps with hanmburger patty*
by yuhyuh6969 March 31, 2021
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