Nonexistent because he of the fact that you are looking it up on urban dictionary
Your girlfriend isn't here because she is cheating on you lmao
by Stampeydude83 November 19, 2018
Someone you forget is existing and waiting for a goodnight wish in your sexy Italian language.
Your girlfriend: cries*
You: “Buonanotte amore mio. “
Your girlfriend: smiles*
by Shabi December 22, 2020
Used as a joke to rip on friends when you see an ugly girl or old lady. substituting a family member for girlfrined is also very effective:
say to friend as you point to a homeless person on the street: "Hey, there's your cousin."
by TommyGun July 2, 2005
This is said to a friend when you see any ugly slut or crack-whore walking down the street.
Me: 'Theres your girlfriend!'
You: 'Shit, I got burnt.'
by Diego November 19, 2003
To tell a man their girlfriend is fucking ugly in a dumbass
way in man language.
Guy1- Buzz your girlfriend!
Guy2- Man! I was drunk that night. Everything was pretty.
by yourmomsucksweiner December 10, 2009