1.The excessive use of an electronic or computerized-type device. Can be the overuse of any of these name brands: Xbox, PlayStation, and/or Nintendo for these companies usually manufacture these electronic devices.

2. A lame way of scapegoating video games to give reason to your retardity.

3. An addiction that attracts Xbots,Nintendnerds, and Sony Fagboys alike, to overusing video games. Can be as addictive as alcohol and drugs, in some circumstances.
"Yo get yo ass off dem video games, gotta video game addiction?"
"Nahh man, I straight!" (continues playing)
by Pete Musk October 6, 2009
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Video Game Addict: One person who devotes their life to the playing of a video game on any console. See Ethan from Ctrl Alt Del for best example.
"He was always on Everquest, he's becoming a video game addict."
by Aimee January 21, 2004
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Someone who plays videogames an average of 40 hours or more a week.They're usually hooked on rpg's like Phantasy star but there are other types of vg addicts too.
Video game addicts are very jumpy
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