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The act of having your penis half way inserted into a vagina, while your partner forbids you of any movement whatsoever
Laura didn't want to lose her virginity so she decided to let Tim only go half way in her cave.

Tim had Half-Sex 12 times. so 6
by Enamaofthestate November 21, 2009
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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when you're going to have sex but it just doesn't work out. this isn't when neither person has an orgasm... that's just bad sex. half-sex is so much worse. maybe the guy's dick was inside the girl, but really only technically. it doesn't feel good for either party - maybe it just didn't go all the way in, maybe one of you just didn't know what to do, maybe there was an interruption before things could get good, maybe he had whiskey dick - but ultimately it just sucks. No one was enjoying it, and it never even gets close to being pleasurable for either person. Neither partner would classify this as having sex, and they both end up disappointed.
Friend 1 - "Hey, what's your body count again?"
Friend 2 - "Just one - Tom!"
Friend 1 - "but you definitely slept with Mark too, shouldn't it be at least at two?"
Friend 2 - "Mark was just half sex, so I don't bother counting it."
Friend 1 - "What's half sex?"
Friend 2 - "Well, since he had whiskey dick and his roommate walked in before we did anything worthwhile,. it wasn't even real sex, it was just half-sex."
Friend 1 - "oh! I am so sorry, half sex is the WORST."
by thom216 January 21, 2016
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When a guy stick his dick only part of the way into the girls vagina. The guy doesn't cum inside the girl either. But it is done in the same way as sex with hip thrusts and moaning from both parties.
Yo dude!!! I had half-sex last night on the couch in my Living room!!
by s2vash January 26, 2008
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The act of 'full sex' but stopping halfway through without either person having an orgasm.
A quickie behind the mall in your car would be considered "half sex"
by HalfSex man March 08, 2009
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